The LJ of an Ohmiya Stalker

Hey ;) I'm here again *shy*

These two pics are from my trip to Hakone (near Tokyo) in Japan. They're from two different museum. The first one isn't interesting enough but I was able to take this picture that I particularly like. I had to rush my visit in the second, but the "recent glass art" section was really really beautiful. If someone wants me to, I can post pictures of the best glass arts from there ;)

Another news : I've changed the Layout this past weekend ^^ Tell me if you like it ! The city on the picture is Tokyo ;)

Nature is just so quiet and beautiful ♪
@Hakone - Museum of Art

@Hakone - Glass no Mori

Let's Fly to a new Journal

Hello ~

It's been a while that I've been thinking about that, and I think that now is a good day to start anew my journal !
I don't have as much time as I previously had, however I have the feeling that I definitly can't leave my LJ like that.

There is something that I loved, love and will still love. It's taking pictures.
Today, I bought a new hybrid camera (♥) and I can't wait to go out and try it everywhere.

From now on, I'll share my pictures on my LiveJournal.
Old, new, everything that I like and want to share will be there, followed by a small text about it or about my thoughts of the day.
It's just a hobby so please be indulgent with me !

The picture above is from my trip to Japan last summer :)
It was when I was SO EXCITED to go in Japan!

Please tell me your thoughts about my new journal / the picture or just give me some news about you :)

My Dream will come true next Summer ;)

Hey ;) How are you all ?

As I'll visit Japan next summer (during all July and the beginning of August), I'm interested in ANY kind of tip regarding what to see, what to do, what to buy, what to eat, ...

I'm planning my trip and don't know yet when I'll do things and how. I'm thinking of going there 6 weeks, and staying around one week in Tokyo. The 5 others weeks will be moving around.

I want to visit every type of things and buy Johnny's related things. I love shopping, museums, nice scenery, well, a lot of things !

By the way, if any of you is living in Japan or will be there next summer, and is willing to meet and do things together, tell me :)

Thanks already for all you advice ;)

Best wishes

New start and Happy Birthday~
Hello everybody ! It's been a while isn't it ? I wish you're all fine ?

It's been almost one year since my last post. Lot of things happened and I take my keyboard today, during NEWS and Arashi's Anniversary, to tell you a bit more about me and what's happening in my life :3

I took a huge step in my life and I'm wishing I did the right one.

During one year and a half straight (and a total of 3 in the company), I worked as a manager of a ''huge'' website (60'000 members - a lot when you know that it's from Switzerland only). Mostly alone, and then with a co-worker under me, I did my best during all that time. However, as the perfectionist that I am, I gave myself too much in the project until I understood I went too far. Giving more than getting, discovering the human real nature (egoistical and thinking that everything on the internet is done easily when you in fact took a whole lot of your working and free time to do it), I lost all my motivation. I'm only 21 years old and people tend to forget about that - even my co-workers as I'm a full time worker since 2 years when at my work, there was an apprentice that was one year younger than me...

I choose to stop working there and start a new school in Development of Software (that will last 3 years). So I finished working at the end of August and I'm starting the school on Tuesday. From what I know, in my year (out of 4 class in Computer Science) there will be only 2 girls (for around 80 guys...). I fear it a bit because I've always been shy and without much friends.. I only get to open with people when I can talk about Japan...

During this year, I was still on the fandom but really well hided. I'm still an Arashi and NEWS fan (And I wish them both a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY), loving Massu way too much for my heart, enjoying and shipping Ohmiya, reading as much Fics as possible and using more money than I should on Johnny's CDs, DVDs, Magazines and Concert Goodies. New things are that it's been one year that I'm learning Japanese and that right now I'm in a DRAMA mode (watching as much dramas as possible O.o)

I apologize for my silence these past months, where I haven't post anything, didn't took care of the old old old request I got, not even talking on Skype anymore. I can take a lot of time to answer but I do answer to every LJ message I get so feel free to contact me on it ;) I'm connected everyday to read you! By the way, I'm only adding friends back when they send me a message / comment first.

As I don't know what I should do with this LJ now, I would like to know your opinion about it :) Right now I'm thinking about something along the line of a Blog Photo and keeping a frequent rhythm (like once a week or month). Would you read and/or comment on something like that?

I miss you all :) And comments are really welcome ! (and feel free to give me advice as to how get well accepted in a new school XD)

:D London, I'm back!


How are you all? Again, it's been a while! Each time, I'm telling myself "You should post something!" and each time I'm too lazy. 
I'm a bit late again in reading fics (a bit less than 70 unread message in my inbox this time^^). I'll try to catch up soon!! 

I've got lot of things and news to share with you guys! ~ 

First of all I've got ... MY POPCORN ALBUM ! I'm so happy and excited!! Ahh, they're really the bests~ My favorite right now are Nino's new solo (Gosh seriously SERIOUSLY? *-*) and Up to you. I love all of them through! They're all so great~ 

Second awesome news ... I TOOK SOME HOLIDAYS! It's really great~ It's expensive but I'm giving myself this gift~ I'm going back to LONDON! It's been one year since my time there and I miss it! I'm leaving next Thursday and coming back home during Monday~ My boss isn't that happy that I'm taking holdiays but well ! I need to use my days before the end of the year ^^' I can't wait to be there ! And eat MELON PAN again! So much things I'm looking forward to~ 

Third subject is ... my purchases! I've so much things to share ! ><' I feel like I spent way too much in Johnny's seriously! I even have 3 packages on their way here ! GAAAAH ! O-o (OH AND I ORDERED NEWS NEW SINGLE ! Can't wait to be middle of December to get it ♥) 


It's been so long but I GOT THEM!! My 24h TV and Waku Waku goods! I'm so happy~ I've wear the t-shirt ! I was so excited~ It's so bright X'D I'm not used to this bright clothes~ Even my boss understood right away that it was an important shirt for me X'D (Bought from arisa_draconis)


I also got the Arafes goodies! Sadly I didn't bought the bag! I loved the design but when I pre-ordered, the visuals weren't out and the pre-order were finished T-T' Well! Maybe one day I'll find somebody selling it? I also miss the Ura CD. Please don't talk to me about it I'm getting depressed ><' ANYWAY! The goods are really great~ (Bought fromje_goods)


And last but not least... NEWS GOODS~ I got them! I'm so happy~ I should have bought Shige's Uchiwa too but well! I took Massu's Uchiwa, ShigeMassu's Photos, the Group Clearfile and their CARDS GAME! Kyu~ I even got my parents to play them with me! Isn't that AWESOME? (fromje_goods). WHO WANNA PLAY THEM WITH ME?

I don't think that much of you know that but I love Mika as well :D And I bought the Limited Edition of his last CD (The Origin of Love) ~ It's a nice CD ! The second song (Lola) makes me seriously think of a Tegomassu song with Massu's voice ! I don't know why but since the first time I heard it I was : OOOH SOUND LIKE MASSU! ;) 

I've also got POPCORN and two magazines last week, but I think they'll be in one of my next entries ! :D 

I wish everybody a really nice day! ;)
Miss you all~

Happy Arashi and NEWS day!



Hello everybody ;D How are you all doing ? 

It's been a week I'm back from holiday :D It was a busy week ! At work, home and all! Hopefully it's already the weekend and here, I've got a bank holiday on monday ♥ (YAY)

I wish you all a happy Arashi and NEWS day ;D They are nowadays, my two favorites bands (Yep, NEWS stole HSJ 2nd place ♥) I just totally love both bands so much! Arashi are the king that own my heart. Even after cheating on them with NEWS and others band, each time I see them I know that they're just the best! 

I could talk days and nights about them, but I don't think it'll be interesting to read my love for them again and again :D I think it's the same for every fangirl and that just thinking of them can make me go through the hardest things :) 

When coming back from HOLIDAYS, I got the pleasure to find some packages ! The first one was my photos from holidays, London, etc. that I developped ♥ (more than 500 XD) Two other packages were one order I did on YesAsia just before leaving. Usually I'm not ordering there anymore because of the long shipping time and the cost, however this time, it costed me less than with CDJapan for the same order and ... surprising it took 1 week to get here !! O_O It was fast ! I also got during the week my CDJapan order with 2 magazines and an order I did on JE Goods with HEY SAY JUMP CONCERT GOODIES!  My package with NEWS Concert Goodies is on its way and will arrive next week I think ! I'm SO EXCITED!! 

Package from CDJapan with QLAP and WINK UP ♥ NEWS are awesome in there! Shige's pic is from the Wink up shoot! Gosh I would have LOVED to have a Shige in class like that *-* He's beautiful sleeping (little pic ♥) ! Would only stare during school instead of listening, having someone like that in my class *___* 
These are from the QLAP! *____* IT'S FUCKING DONE FOR PAIRING FANGIRLS! Seriously the KoyaShige pics are just breathtaking!! There is one that is SO POSSESSIVE *___* I'm just .. wahoo!! ♥ And the ShigeMassu are so cute ♥ 
My package from YesAsia with the AWESOME An An with Ohno (*__________________*), two Myojo and two Popolo :D Some awesome page I could share with you but it would have been a really long entry ^^'

My lovely package from JE Goods *__* It had been a while I was waiting and I was SO excited! MY FIRST DAIKI UCHIWA!! ♥ I'd only Nino back then! It makes me really happy~ KYU! And the concert card and the Pamphlet!! It's really lovely~ I'm really happy! 

I might post some pics from holidays but I need to tidy them first :)
I wish you all a nice weekend!!

LONDON DISCOVERY ~ Geek Side (Harry Potter, Pandas and M&M's)

Hello everybody! 

It'll seem kind of strange to talk about that right now, but I just finished tidying my pictures of London :) (YAY! Now I'll just have to do the album photo!). Like I promised this article about my geek discoveries (not that much I think through ^^), here you go! It's the LAST part! It'll be about ... HARRY POTTER, PANDAS, GOODIES, M&M'S and well, that's all :3

For my new friends that doesn't know about the London Discovery section, it's different entries I wrote about my trip in London :) I was there 2 months and I wanted to share it :) If you want more information about something, ask me :D


I did go a lot to Japan Center (MELON PAN SAIKO! GOD I LOVE THIS THING SO MUCH! And their Onigiri *__* And ALL the Johnny's magazine I bought there *-* - it's what began my buying Myojo and Potato addiction ><'). However I forgot to take pictures of it T__T'' Sorry ! But if you do go to London, please visite there! (And try the Melon Pan ♥ BTW Nino said he ate that every morning, in an Hanamaru Cafe if I remember well :P)

First of all, M&M'S WORLD!! This place is a WIN ! I went there twice and seriously I love that! The first time was with Percybum-chan and it was really fun ;) We did a "Arashi's colors selection" of dragee ;3 (We were really careful about the colors places so that Nino wouldn't be next to nobody but Ohno ♥) 

M&M&apos;s World

M&M&apos;s World2

OHMIYA ♥ Sleepy Oh-chan and happy Nino~ Aren't they lovely? I should have buy them *___*

Next is .. HARRY POTTER! Yep, as I was in London, for sure I was able to see goodies and original stuffs from the movies :D I was so excited each time ;o Here are some pics! I really wanted the time necklace (sorry too lazy to check the english original name of it :P) but sadly I didn't buy it. 

Harry Potter in Harrods 

Harry Potter in Harrods

Harry Potter in the London Film Museum

Harry Potter in London Film Museum

Harry Potter in London Film Museum 2

This room was awesome! With HP's music as background, all the wall were big big big pictures *_* And lot of original stuffs from the recording ♥ Look at that! 

Harry Potter in London Film Museum 3

Harry Potter in London Film Museum 4

And to finish about Harry Potter, some goodies from Hamleys ;D

Harry Potter in Hamley

Harry Potter in Hamley 2

PANDA LAND and Tokyo Toys

There you go, my most favorite shops in London !! The Panda Shop is ONLY about pandas! Seriously I was in heaven in there! I think it's the shop I went in the most (with Japan Center)! I really loved it! Sadly it was forbidden to take pictures in it so I just took one from outside :) 

The second shop (TokyoToys) was awesome as well! Lots of goodies, like Keychain, but also Japanese Food (POCKY ♥ I love you~ And the brand of sweet Kanjani8 is advertising for (God it's so good as well!) and all those kind of delicious and unhealthy things ♥ I bought some christmas gifts for friends there ^^ However now, I having some regret. I should have bought one or two keychain for myself :P


Seriously if you can, just go THERE! For your information, it's in Trocadero Shopping Center, next to Piccadilly Circus! (You can find there both shops, right in front of each others). You can also go to the Japan Center from Piccadilly Circus ;D It's really easy to go there :D

PS: I might edit later on to add a LJ-cut but I can't right now >< My computer my die really soon from the heat - yes I know I should change it ><'

Lot of love to everybody ;D 
I'll be happy if you read and comment :)

PS IRL : My boss said that everybody is proud of me :3 It made me really happy because I was feeling a lot like "doing so much works for so little thanks" ♥ 

Olympics Games & Fangirling
Hellow everybody ! 

It's been a while already! Weeks are happening really fast and fast ! We're already the middle of August ><' I've been wanting to post something for weeks (3 weeks already o-o). At that time it was really the time to post that but now well, I'm kindish late XD

First of all, I wanna talk about ....


Yes, it seems to be quite surprising for everybody I'm talking to but I'm watching loads of sports of Olympics (when I'm not working) and I'm following most of the results ! :3 It seems that even my friends think it's not my "style" ^-^''

Switzerland isn't the "best" this year but I'm really happy for them anyway! We got 2 Gold and 1 Silver :D I'm really happy!  When you think that Switzerland has as much people as the city of Paris, it's really awesome, right? One of the gold one is in Equestrian and the horse name is ... NINO!  Nino got a gold medals !! XD

One of the thing that made me REALLY happy is that ...... YOSHIDA WON !!!! I'm so happy for her ! If you don't know her, it's a Japanese wrestler who is fan of Tegomass (and NEWS). Massu said he would do something for her if she wins the Gold Medal and she asked a HUG ♥ And SHE GOT THE GOLD MEDAL~ I'M SO SO SO HAPPY FOR HER ! ♥ I wish I'll be able to see the hug moment ♥ I know already I'll squeal xD

Beside that, I'M A BOSS XD No more seriously, I'm quite proud of myself! I don't know if it's the same in all countries, but McDonalds got special glasses for Olympics Games, one of each Olympics colors. Normally you get them when eating a Menu+ (it's really expensive in Switzerland T___T' Around 12$ the menu I think?) and I got 4 out of the 5 for FREE, without any Menu!! I did buy something like ice cream ( I looove their Ice Cream ♥ ) through. I've still have to get the last one - RED ^^ I think it'll be the one available next week ^-^
 Glasses McDonalds


Recently, I've been catching up with fics/videos. I'm ALMOST OK with that !! Well not all the videos because I still got some concerts and other things to watch but I'm almost up-to-date :3 And MY LJ INBOX IS DOWN TO 1 UNREAD MESSAGE! When I think I began at more than 800 :3 I'm feeling quite proud of myself ;) I've still have some fics left as bookmarks that I'll try reading soon ^_^ 

Recently, I'm also watching again ROMES. When I saw last Shiyagare with Kanjani8 I was SO in love with Ohkura that I was : OK LET'S WATCH AGAIN ROMES ♥ ! I can't help it, I LOVE that Drama ♥ Ohkura is so awesome and geeky in it ~ KYU~

I've also voted for Arashi's Festival~  (Ara-fes) ♥ Did you vote? For which songs did you vote? Mine were:

3 singles :
1> Monster
2 > Truth
3 > Face Down
(YES! I DID IT XD Oh-chan is seriously the middle of my fangirling XD)
Monster was a must, it's the song that made me be a real fan of Arashi :D

3 coupling songs:
1 > Tokei Jikake no Umbrella (OF COURSE THIS SONG IS THE BEST EVER!)
2 > Spiral
3 > Super Fresh 

3 album's songs: 
1 > Love Situation
2 > Niji 
3 > Gimmick Game (Couldn't help it, I wanna see a real live version ><) 

There were SO MUCH songs I wanted to vote for! Almost all of Time's CD (but I told myself : You'd better watch the live again XD) and Caramel Song and Rock YOU (I know its Time as well XD) and Let me Down, and How to Fly and JAM and Ready to Fly and Rain and GOD so much songs ><' Anyway, it was hard to choose but these are my choices ;D

Recently, I'm also watching the small drama of Sprout. I'm not that fond of the main actress. I don't seems to really like her expressions. But Chinen is cute in it and ... MY LOVELY JESSE ♥ Juri is there as well ;) I miss my little Kochi ;D (WisYu addict already XD)


Three weeks ago, I went back an evening to two awesome packages

First one is ... CHANKAPANA ~ I got my box ♥ I was SO happy ~ The shipping was really fast! 2 weeks only! 
Chankapana BOX

I was waiting for the my copy to tell you all what I'm thinking of the single ;D In little words (don't want to be too boring ^^') 

ADDICT ~ I think it's my favorite Tegohi's solo beside Ai Nante and Ai no Matador! It's a nice sound, his voice is great and I don't feel too much his "I've got a nice voice and I'm showing it" feeling :) It's really a nice song and I can listen to it again and again and again ;D 

PEEK A BOO ~ God MASSU YOU GOT ME ♥ First of all I love the song ! It's really cute and go well with Massu's style, it's really enjoyable and the BEST IS : HE'S USING FRENCH WORDS! It's SO lovely! "Déjà vu", "Pas de deux" (Seems to be a ballet term ^^ I've never heard it used before but it's still french :3) and  "Rendez-vous" ♥ I LOVE IT SO MUCH when they're using French words! It's so rare ;D Massu's pronunciation is SOO CUTE! Déjà is well said through ♥ All the rest is LOVELY ! Aaah just thinking of it and I'm stupidly smiling ~ Can't wait to see it in live ♥

STARRY ~ It was really surprinsing because I didn't know Koyama's solo would be a ballad. But it was a wonderful surprise ! It's not coming to my top of his solos (because Uri Sarang is really awesome~) but it can be close ;D It's so cute ! His aishiteru are ♥ It change from the style of the other songs quite wel!

ヴァンパイアはかく語りき ~ Seriously Shige o.o I still don't know what to say! At first I was really surprised by the style ^^ I really like it! But I was as well really disappointed by the effects put on his voice. I really love his voice and I wanted to get to hear it a lot :D His lyrics are SO strange and interesting o.o Some moments when I read the translations I was : Wahoo, he got so much different references in it! O.o' It's intellectual lyrics XD With some people (And Sky-chan ^^) we hear Sexy Sex instead of Sixty Six (Seriously HE DOES SAY SEXY SEX!! I'm SURE XD) I particularly love the moment of "Only Blood" (2min12) and "Ready Steady, Ready Steady Go" (2min18)

CHANKAPANA ~ In simple Chankapana IS Chankpana! I think just that is the way to say how this song is! The awesomeness of Shige in the PV (Gosh just listening his solo line and I'm all ♥♥♥) The more I listen to Chankapana the more I love it :D It's quite an addicting song. Maybe the first time you're "Eh?" and then you're totally fan without knowing it ;D This song is just perfect for their come back ;D

FULL SWING ~ It's a lovely song. To tell the truth I haven't been able to really read peacefully the lyrics but I heard they're awesome :3 It's cute to listen to ~ Shige's voice is great in there as well (I'm really a fangirl of his voice :3) and Massu, well, he's Massu! A thing I think is REALLY nice is that they all get to really sing and I like that this way ;D

The second package that day was my new Samsung Tab ~ Not the very last one, because I didn't want to spend that much money on it :) But it's perfect for me! I'm using it a lot to watch videos :) The best is during train travels and all :) I've got around 2 hours travelling/waiting a day to go to work and come back so it helped me a lot to catch up the videos! I'm also using Wi-fi when I want to read some fics on the internet :D It's nice because the screen is quite big and the text is shown bigger than on the computer ^^ 
Samsung Tab

Talking about tablet, I had to give my phone back to the operator provider because it doesn't switch on anymore. During one week I didn't even have a phone to use and it was REALLY disturbing. It's when you doesn't have it that you know how useful it can really be :) Now I got the possibility to use my old iphone. It isn't working much (the reason I changed phone at the first place) but it's alright ^^ At least I can get message and phone people. What's app isn't working anymore on it through. Might need to check that ;) I'll get my phone back in around 3-4 weeks. I just wish it will be before going on holidays the 25th of August :( If not well I'll be stuck with my not-working iPhone during 2 more weeks ><'  

Sorry, I talked again a lot today :3 

I would be REALLY happy if you comment ;D Please, feel free to do so ! I'll always answer ;D (Maybe sometimes take more time than planned but I'LL answer ;D)

I wish to everybody a nice day ;D

Japan Expo 2012 - Report ;3

Hello everybody! How are you all? I missed you!!! 

As you may know, last week I went to Paris for Japan Expo 2012 ;D From Wednesday to Sunday evening ^-^ Right now, I haven't got the time to check up on LJ, so I'm quite late on everything (more than 800 unread messages on my LJ inbox and more than 100 on my mail one T__T''). Sorry if you're waiting on me for something :3 

JAPAN EXPO WAS JUST AWESOME! ~ Anyway, here is my report ;D

I left Switzerland by TGV the Wednesday morning (at around 8am) and arrived at Paris a bit after 12am. With all my baggage, I went to eat to the "Place de la Bastille". I already went there last Japan Expo with my parents and I liked that little bistro so I choose to go there again to eat. My hotel was far from the city center (around a bit more than 1hour I guess ?) so I didn't want to go put my things in the hotel and go back to the center, I would have lost TOO much time. So I took my baggage all the afternoon. It was quite disturbing but I did with it ;3 After eating, I went to Le Sacré-Coeur and Montmartre. I wanted to see "Le passe-muraille" (a Statue) but wasn't able to find it and got lazy because of my baggage :3 Another time ;D

Sacré Coeur

After that, I went with a friend to two shops in Paris that are Junku and Book Off where I found lot of Johnny's magazine really cheap (well cheaper than buying them online with shipping charge ;o). At first I thought: I might wait because in Japan Expo, tomorrow, I will find some as well. Hopefully I didn't wait, because NO Johnny's Magazine in Japan Expo! NOTHING!! o-o' I was kind of disappointed! I remember that last year, there were a lot of them! Anyway, I bought them in these shops, so it's perfect :D 

Johnny&apos;s 1

Total of my buying: 4 Myojo, 1 Cinema Cinema, 1 Potato, 1 Wink Up and THE Popolo THAT WAS MISSING IN MY COLLECTION (2011-12) *so happy* Now I've got all the Popolo from 2011-09 to now and all the Myojo from 2011-10 to now :3 (Plus some more of course ^^)

With all my buying, my baggage ( still XD ) I went back to the hotel :3 Hopefully with the help of a gentle bus driver,  I found the bus and was able to join the Hotel without much damage :) I was already tired (walked a lot ^^) but really motivated! 

Pandas and Japan Expo

To begin my talking about Japan Expo, these little pics with the program from three of the four days (I forgot to take the one from Saturday *hum*) and the map :) And of course, I couldn't see these cute Pandas without falling for them and buy them ;) One was for a friend from work (the smaller) and the other for me. Aren't they cuuuute? ;) And of course a little purse :) Not a great quality but so cute! 

I've got so much things to talk that I don't know where to begin! :3 I left the Hotel at around 8am, the convention opening at 9am. It was tuesday so not much people would be there (comparing to the 3 other days ^^). I was quite in a good place in the queue (well knowing how long the queue is XD) but they opened the doors late by 35min, I don't know why :( So at 9.45 it was OMFG IT'S OPEN I'M IN ♥ 

Kazé got a BIG space ! With the stands where you buy mangas, dvd, cds..., the geek café and the shojo café (where you could go take a drink they gave and sit to read a bit the first book of one of their serie ^^ I went there a bit once and read the "Chocolate" one :o Don't remember the title right now :o) Anyway! HERE IS THE AWESOME BUS BEELZEBUB on Kazé Stand!!!!

Bus Beelzebub
Next is also some things you could find in Japan Expo / Comicon. The first was a HUGE Naruto statue! Really really huge! The small paper is well.... A4 size! :D And the second was in the air on top of a stand (Ki-OON) - GOD PANDORA HEARTS ! I love it! I got this pics as a poster but sadly it was crushed during my way back home. 
Convention Japan Expo 2012
On the first day, I got to see "Momoiro Clover Z" in Showcase ^^ The beginning was pretty cool! Sadly people weren't much excited in the crowd so I found it a bit awkward :O But sincerely, I went to see them because they were in VSA :3

These three pics are some cosplay. I've seen other but well, I won't put everything here ^^ I liked these ;) I haven't took much cosplay pictures like I was kind of too shy to ask :3 The first one might be a professional thing because the girl always was in front of one stand :) I think it was some promotion ;D 
Cosplay (Japan Expo 2012)
Like Naoki Urasawa was the main guest of Japan Expo 2012 (Mangaka of Monster), there was a special exhibit about him and his mangas! There were awesome pics and everything was pretty interesting ;) I liked it! Some pics here ;)
Exposition Monster
There is also lot of galleries, like Aoji's stand that showed AWESOME drawings ! I loved all of them ^^ The first pic is from the Shojo Café of Kazé (if I remember right :3) and the other 3 are from Aoji's stand ;D
Different Galleries
Different Galleries
The first pic is from an exhibition about Ghibli studio :D It's lovely isn't it? I was *___* CUUUTE ~ ! There also was a space called "Le Japon c'est mieux en vrai" (Japan is better for real) where you could find some calligraphy and the second pic under. (Might be Momoiro Clover Z if I'm not mistaken ^^ Like they were guest of Japan Expo 2012 ^^) 
Different Galleries
I'll stop there for the first day in the convention. (It's hard to seperate days like the pics are from every parts of the convention.) At around 17.30 pm, I left the convention and it was "almost" raining. I went back in the Hotel to put my things and go back to take the bus to go in Paris meet a friend there and eat. At that time, it was REALLY raining a lot and everybody was leaving Japan Expo (it close at around 19pm but lot leave a bit earlier) so it was so HARD to go in the RER ! Everybody was pushing everywhere and I was really happy to get into it (after missing 3 RER ><'') 

With my friend, we met near Notre Dame de Paris and went to a Japanese Restaurant :3 I was SO happy! It was really good! I took a whole Salmon menu with all these awesome sushis :3 So good ♥ After eating we went to walk a bit around the Seine and I came back home.

Coming back was a horrible because: 

-> From what I got to learn, my RER wasn't stopping at my station because of work on the line.

-> I was told to go to one station, go out and take a bus but once in the station well, no bus there and people told me it's not that one it was two stations earlier. So OP at 11pm, let's take a new RER back.

-> I got back and OUF, could get the special bus. I was left at Parc des Expositions (next to the convention) station but then, NO MORE BUS to go back to the hotel.

-> I needed to go back by feet, but HOW? I kind of did with the way I remembered the bus taking the morning but by night in the "dangerous" part of Paris, I got quite scared :3 I was taking my umbrella in my hand (we never know, I can defend myself with it XD) and was trying to find the way back.

-> Once in the right street (I was so happy!) I kind of went the wrong way on the street. So instead of going to 309 from 215 I went from 215 to 105 and THEN I discovered my mistake -___- So I went back the other way of the street (you couldn't see the numbers, only the hedge of foliage). ... Oh did I tell you that in the middle of my walk, my phone ran out of battery? XD I've kind of a bad luck :3

-> I arrived at 1am in the Hotel (yep I did it!) I was so happy to be back seriously! I was tired (all day walking in the convention + in the evening was horrific for the feet !) and well, woke up at 6am for the second day of the convention XD Hopefully my tension was really high because of Japan Expo ;D

Friday, I left before 8am to go to take the bus and get to Japan Expo. Queue and then, opening at 9am :3 First I went to the "Signing Desk" and waited, waited. First for Naoki Urasawa, but the queue got stopped and they told us we couldn't get anymore chance. And secondly for Marcus but I got a "Loose" ticket so I didn't get it :( (YES! It's horrible! You can wait hours and after you get NOTHING because you're unlucky!). Hopefully this system is only for "Official Signing". 

This same day, I tried to get Rei Toma signature at 12., but I was said that they wrote everywhere the wrong time and that it was earlier. When I got there it was already full and they had closed the queue. Hopefully, I went earlier for the one of the afternoon and I got mine ! I'm so happy! I had to wait a lot but I've it! ;D First picture : Rei Toma (I'm next to her on the original pic ♥), second picture: my dedicace, third picture : every buyings and gifts when buying Rei Toma items/mangas ;D

Rei Toma

Under are also two pictures from Japanese people. The first was for a demonstration (showing) in one of the Scene and the second is a calligraphy girl (she's so cute!)

Other Traditions

Next is Yuimino, a group of two girls. I didn't know them (and I still don't really know them :d) but they were cute and I'll try to check them out to know more ^-^ They've got a live a bit after but I couldn't stay :( And A LOVELY PIKKACHU ~ I want the same big Pikkachu home ~

Yuimino and Pikkachu

On Friday I also went to see Momoiro Clover Z again, in a special event about Sailor Moon (Don't ask me why, I don't even like Sailor Moon XD). They were cosplayed in Sailor Moon characters it was kind of funny :) And they made some announcement about the anniversary of Sailor Moon and it was LIVE in Japan at the same time! It was pretty exciting ! There was a Paris-Japan talk at one moment ! It was great :3 

When I left that evening, it was raining as well. My package got wet and was breaking, so my buying were falling most of the time :3 Hopefully, I got into one of the bus (everybody was leaving in the same time of course) and went to ........ FLOW CONCERT!!!!! (I know, with all my buyings leaking XD Hopefully I got to put it on the floor during the concert). 

THE CONCERT WAS FUCKING AWESOME! SERIOUSLY!! We are fighting dreamers was so exciting in live! I was jumping and shouting and everything! Just thinking of it now is exciting me again :D Everything was awesome! 

Concert of Flow 2

Concert of Flow

When we left, there was a surprise waiting for us but you'll read that on Sunday report :P) I needed to walk a bit back but with my excitation from the concert I didn't mind at all! I went to the bus stop and everybody here was waiting from the concert so it was fun! People shouting "We are fighting dreamers" in the bus and all :D 

After that, I stayed in my hotel (it was already around 11pm) for the night and the day after was SATURDAY! A big big day in Japan Expo so I left earlier. That way I wouldn't have to wait too too much in the queue. Hopefully it worked and they even opened the doors for the 4 days tickets at 8.50 instead of 9am :D 

I immediately went to the queue for Tetsuya Tsutsui (Prophecy, Reset..). It was before 9am and the signing began at 11am but I wanted the dedicace so much! So I waited a lot ^^ I was the 12th waiting ^^ (In arriving directly at opening time XD). At 11am, Testuya Tsuitsui arrived with the mask from Prophecy (third picture)! It was pretty cool! But sadly like I was in the queue I couldn't take better picture :( 

Prophecy 1

Prophecy 2

I was SO happy!! I got the signature :3 Isn't that awesome ♥ I'm so so so happy!! ♥ 

Next is some pictures from different stands of artists! First is Jupiter (*___* I fell in love with this art!). 

Arts Stands

After the signing, I saw Moko-chan and other Arashi fans. It was really great ! We even were filmed and all :) Thank you all for your gentleness ;D It was fun fangirling with you!!

This year, there was almost NOTHING Johnny's related. Just these CD/Single in one stand but beside that, ONLY K-Pop! I could have killed so so much ! I mean it's JAPAN Expo, not Korean! (Same with japanese artists not in Johnny's by the way! They weren't there either T___T'). I almost got Time Limited Edition for 25€ but sadly at the last minute the seller understood that it was 400€ and not 40€ -____-'' SERIOUSLY I really want the Limited Edition but I'll NEVER spend 400€ in it!! 

Great new however, I bought Kis-my-1st at 23€ and the day after when I got to the stand, it was written at 53€ ! Seriously I was so surprised and happy! XD I think somebody knowing Johnny's went by at some time because they also changed and put the Limited Edition of Meikyuu Love Song on TOP of the regular one (at first it was stupidly the contrary XD). I was happy to see that NEWS Best seemed to sell well because the last days they didn't got much copy left anymore ! :D YAY for them ;D

Johnny&apos;s 3

Like I'm talking Johnny's, here are my POOR buying T___T'' Some cards NOT official (seriously normally I would be : ONLY OFFICIAL but there it was the last day and I was GIVE ME ANYTHING ARASHI BECAUSE I CAN'T NOT BUY ANYTHING) and some hand bands (YAY! I'm wearing Arashi's and NEWS's everyday XD) I seriously feel so disappointed of these buying because it's so small! I was ready to go crazy on Johnny's and all but NOTHING T___T'' 

Johnny&apos;s 2

 Next is the part where I'll talk about almost nothing XD It's all the things I got on the touristic stands. Made me wanna go even more in Japan T___T' 


Tourisme 2


FUKUOKA ♥ Lot of love to my lovely Miho there ♥

I got Shiitake's and Alice Birère-Haquet's signing :D The drawings and poems in the books are lovely! I also wanted Ein LEE signing but I couldn't be on time for it :( Next year maybe?

Shiitake 2Shiitake

Shiitake 3

Saturday evening, I made it to (almost) the closing time! Well I made it PAST the closing time (19pm) because I left at 19.30. However when I left there was still so much people in it! I made some buying in goodies stands. It was more enjoyable "after" closing time because lot of people have left already :) 

On Sunday, I met a friend there and we walked a bit around Japan Expo, made some buying and all. After that I left her for..... HEMENWAY's Concert! Let me explain everything to you ;D To tell you the truth, I didn't know about them before Friday evening. In the end of Flow's Concert, they were outside and people were giving us papers and saying : They're tomorrow and on sunday in concert in Japan Expo, please come. They're here. And there you just look outside and they're truly here! The 4 of them! And well it made me kind of excited even without knowing them XD So I asked for signing my paper (we were more than one to do so ♥) and it was kind of fun! They were really great and gentle and so cute when trying to talk in French ! The first one in the pics above asked me to come and when I answered : "I'll come" he looked so happy! 

Hemenway 1

Hemenway 2

The one above is the leader :3 He's really good looking! Even more in live! I was *____* all the time XD I'm sorry, I almost only took him in picture during the concert :3 So as I promised I went to the concert on Sunday ( I wanted on Saturday but wasn't able to make it :3 ) and there was even a special guest.. the mangaka Naoki Urasawa (Yep! The one who did Monster!) who played and sang a bit !

Hemenway 4

Hemenway 3

Hemenway 6

Hemenway 7
Hemenway 5

It was a great concert ^^ Not as great as Flow but really interesting and liked it :D I might follow them a bit more from now on :) 

After the concert, I rushed to go take my baggage back from the set point (there was a queue that panicked me XD) and left to take the RER back to the train station, to finally take the TGV back home. I was stressed all the way back to Gare de Lyon, but hopefully I had planned 30min advance on my train to arrive on time so even with my 10min lateness (because of the queue), I was still 20min in advance XD My TGV got a bit more than half an hour late so I came back home at 11pm, exhausted and ... worked directly on monday morning and was up at 6am XD. 

It was a tiring holiday but I seriously enjoyed it SO SO much! I spent lot of money but well, if I'm not making myself happy NOW, when will I ? :D

You thought it was finished ? Hell no! I still have to talk about my buying!! ;D

First of all, the mangas ! The last volume (released) of Claymore (20), Sawako (Alias Kimi Ni Todoke - 13), Judge (5), Fairy Tail (25) and two new that are a One Shot (from the mangaka of Pandora Hearts ♥) and Bloodlad (that sound fun). I also bought two Beelzebub and got a glass as a gift ♥ So cute! And a mask XD (Useless but lovely~) 

Mangas et Beelzebub

I also bought the last volume of Soul Eater (20) and got a free pencil case, badge and hand-band. The last release of D.Gray-Man (YAY! I waited so long! - 22) and bought a little fan-badge so lovely!

Soul Eater and D.Gray-Man

I also got crazy with the last release of Katekyo Hitman Reborn (GOD This manga is the best of the world!). I love Enma in this part of the story! Soon I'll be on "unread" part (like I stopped reading the scan long time ago)! I also found a lovely Spanner Card ♥, Tsuna Bookmark, Hibari Badge and Hibaba's Tonfa's Keyring ♥♥♥ And I wouldn't finish my fangirling if not with TEGAMI BACHI (French title : Letter Bee). Seriously this manga is awesome and .. even better ! I FOUND WATER ARTBOOK! Let me explain it to you! In CDJapan, I can have it at around 2800 yens (29€) without shipping charge. I found it in Junku in Paris at 58€, that was too expensive for me. And then at Japan Expo I found it at ....... 20€! (And NEW!) I didn't hesitate and bought it ! ♥ I'm so happy! I also got the last release (13) and a keyring ♥ 

Tegami Bachi and Reborn

Now are some awesome cards I fell for :) Most from fan-artists! Aren't they LOVELY!? However, I was really sad not to find Lancha in Japan Expo this year! I was SO looking forward to buy her work!! 


Death Note and Cards

Cards and Cute things

Cards Jupiter and Uchiwa

Above, all the free uchiwas I got :D So much, this year again! ;) My favorite is, of course, the niconico one ;D 
Under is my room in the middle of my tidying of buying and stuff ! It took me so long to organize and tidy everything ! :3 And all the buying of food I did! The sweet are just so good! I don't buy them because of Kanjani8 advertising but because it's just so good! (Even if the fact that Kanjani is advertising is a + XD). I tried the mochi but got a bit disapointed at first. Might try again (I've only eaten one). I LOVED the Ramen so much I bought 3 cups. I would have bought more but it was sunday and I didn't have much money left T___T' 


There! I think I finished ! Thanks to everybody for reading (if you did! Because it was kind of long so I'm sure it bored more than one T___T' 

I wish everybody is fine ;D
Lot of love ! 

Beautiful Sunny Day near the Lake ~

Hey ! How is everybody doing? For ONCE , I won't talk about buying at ALL!Isn't that awesome? XD

Last friday, I went back from the city (after work) to "almost-home" by feet :) It means around 7km. It took me around 1hour and a half ( I took some pictures so I wasn't "walking fast" ^^ ). I could go totally back home (around 10km I think) but the 3 km left aren't safe for walkers :/ 

So I walked and enjoy the pretty day! It was really enjoyable! I walked all along the lake (the most I could ^^) and I wanna share some pictures with you ^^ It's taken with my phone, I forgot to take my camera with me^^ But well it's still a good quality isn't it? Strange size however XD The pictures are not really in the right order but well, does it really matter?

I'm totally in love with this lake! It's so beautiful when it's sunny!!

Don't ask me what this thing is XD

   In one hidden part, there is a Swan nests :) From what I know, they come back each year to make the nest! Isn't that lovely? And I was SO lucky! There were the babies swans!!! *totally in love with them* The last picture is from today because I went back there. Sorry, my phone-zoom is pretty bad quality ! ><'


   Today (because on Friday I forgot as well), I took my little "Nino!Panda" with me. Sadly, it wasn't that sunny (might be raining pretty soon). I took some pictures but they didn't look well I think! Will try again some other time ;)    

I wish everybody is fine ;) See you soon ! 

Lot of love ;)


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