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One step, Kono michi wa dokomademo tsunagatte yuku ♫

Hey there~

It's been a while right ? ♥ This year was hellish to me and I'm hopefully near the end. Not quite the end yet (still until arround the middle of July), but I've finished all tests, exams and projects but one. I'm still doing my end of school project. I guess I can breath again !

I wish everybody is going well ? I'm sorry if I forgot to answer comments, PM or Friends Request :'( Please tell me if I forgot you !

Today, it is my 6th year as an ARASHI FAN ♥♥ Everything goes so fast ! I still remember the post I made on my LJ saying I would start a new school and now.. it's already been 3 years and my school is soon finished ! Oh so much happened, seriously!

Now, something that might interest the NEWS fans here : I wanted to share the Blu-Ray from White Concert, but it's so WELL protected that I wasn't able to rip it. The software I usually use aren't working with them and I tried lot of different software. None of the free tools where working. I found 2 (or 3) working softwares, but sadly their trial version only allow a 3 or 5min rip.

That meaning : I was successfully able to rip Koyama's and Massu's Solo PVs. I did rip Tegoshi's one (cutting 2 seconds of the girl face at the start). Shige's is WAY too long to fit the 5min limit xD I'll try tomorrow to create 2 videos and fix it by putting them together. Once I have the 4 PVs ready, I'll share them :) I won't keep them online long through, so stay atune !

Now the question : Does any of you know a good Blu-Ray ripper software that would allow me to pass through the "high" protection ? Of course, I tried stuff like HandBrake, MakeMKV, and almost all tools with Blu-Ray ripper in the name x'D I don't mind fixing Shige's PV because it'll just be two videos, but the whole concert would be TOO much work I think. By the way, does it interest anybody or not ? :P

Have a nice night everybody :)

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