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The LJ of an Ohmiya Stalker
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21st-May-2017 06:48 pm - OMFG MASSU ♥
It's already been years that I'm fan of Johnny's... 7 years already than I'm in love with Arashi, Ohmiya at the top. I then followed with JUMP one year later and NEWS the one after...

But now, I'll be honest.. I lost it O__o I FUCKING LOST MY MIND SEEING THIS FUCKING PHOTO SHOOT ! I hope my LJ friends are ready for what's to come because that most AWESOME GUY IN THE WORLD IS COMING TO YOUR INBOX...

Let's be honest... This is the best photoshot ever ! THANK YOU MASSU ♥

Source : This Twitter Account
2nd-Jan-2017 09:05 pm - Top of 2016 - Anime
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 ! I hope that all my LJ friends will have a nice year and will be able to fully enjoy and realise all their dreams!

2016 finished already, and I watched quite a lot of dramas, anime and listened to lot of new artists. I wasn't able to watch as much as I wanted, but I still find my "statistics" impressive for this past year XD A total of 115 "anime" that were released in 2016 ! (And I'm not counting what wasn't released in 2016 but I stilled watched, like the whole D.Gray-man serie).

I choose to make a top of 2016, and (if it interest my LJ's visitors) try to create a top in the end of each season ! Before I start to make the Drama's top of 2016, please tell me if that would interest you ;)

You can find my anime list on MyAnimeList and maybe all the anime of 2016 in my list with the 2016 tag :)

If you're interested in any of these anime, I'll be more than happy to talk with you about it ! Otherwise, I could also make some recommandations depending on the type of anime you like ;)

And you ? What's your tops of 2016 ?

Hey there~

It's been a while right ? ♥ This year was hellish to me and I'm hopefully near the end. Not quite the end yet (still until arround the middle of July), but I've finished all tests, exams and projects but one. I'm still doing my end of school project. I guess I can breath again !

I wish everybody is going well ? I'm sorry if I forgot to answer comments, PM or Friends Request :'( Please tell me if I forgot you !

Today, it is my 6th year as an ARASHI FAN ♥♥ Everything goes so fast ! I still remember the post I made on my LJ saying I would start a new school and now.. it's already been 3 years and my school is soon finished ! Oh so much happened, seriously!

Now, something that might interest the NEWS fans here : I wanted to share the Blu-Ray from White Concert, but it's so WELL protected that I wasn't able to rip it. The software I usually use aren't working with them and I tried lot of different software. None of the free tools where working. I found 2 (or 3) working softwares, but sadly their trial version only allow a 3 or 5min rip.

That meaning : I was successfully able to rip Koyama's and Massu's Solo PVs. I did rip Tegoshi's one (cutting 2 seconds of the girl face at the start). Shige's is WAY too long to fit the 5min limit xD I'll try tomorrow to create 2 videos and fix it by putting them together. Once I have the 4 PVs ready, I'll share them :) I won't keep them online long through, so stay atune !

Now the question : Does any of you know a good Blu-Ray ripper software that would allow me to pass through the "high" protection ? Of course, I tried stuff like HandBrake, MakeMKV, and almost all tools with Blu-Ray ripper in the name x'D I don't mind fixing Shige's PV because it'll just be two videos, but the whole concert would be TOO much work I think. By the way, does it interest anybody or not ? :P

Have a nice night everybody :)
9th-Jan-2016 09:34 pm - Top of 2015
2015 just finished and I thought I would share everything I loved during this year ! They're more or less ordered in each categories (that meaning that the biggests are my favorites of them all)

First of all, my top for Dramas, Movies and Special :) This year, I was able to discover lot of different and awesome dramas ! Old, like new ! But in this ranking, only the dramas from 2015 will take place. To see my other beloved dramas, you can always find all my watching list and ranks on MyDramaList :) Feel free to add me ! I also made a Top 2015 on MyDramaList, with a little more stuffs. So you can check there as well if you're into J-Dramas and Movies ;)

During this year, I mostly fell in love with thriller or mysterious dramas ! Ouroboros, Mutsu, Tantei no Tantei and Yokoso, Wagaya e are all deep and interesting :) I also would recommand Death Note and Ishi no Mayu in this type of Dramas. In a more light hearted type, Okitegami Kyoko is my favorite. It's funny, cute and the story is just intriguing and I like it a lot ! Hondana Shokudo is one of a kind and I enjoyed watching it late at night. Would get hungry after watching it through ;) As for a romantic Drama, my favorite this past year is Otona Joshi !

I didn't watch that much special nor movies in 2015. I have some in my list that I will watch during this current year :) The movies and tv specials above were really enjoyable ! I also added Liquid, which is a Drama but for me feels more like a special because of it's length (3 episodes) and inédit subject.

When getting this entry ready and thinking about 2015's music, I realized that I didn't listen that much to new music this year. At least not to new artist. I did like some songs there and then but when talking about listening to a whole album, not much are left. I loved Jumping Car, which is light and really enjoyable. I fell in love again with Arashi with the Japonism Album. And last but not least, the two best albums from Nishino Kana called Secret Collection that hold awesome songs !

Of course, 2015 brought us awesome concerts. And people knowing me aren't surprised to see Johnny's Concerts are everything for me when you say Concert. Arashi are the top of the top when you're talking about concert. That explain why The Digitalian and Blast in Hawaii, both released in 2015, are in my top. I had the luck to watch S3art Tour Live in Osaka. The release of the DVD brought me lot of souvenirs and it'll always stay in my heart. I could not NOT add this awesome concert in my list ;) And to finish, Tegomass no Seishun (You can find the Blu-ray version on my LJ !), an "intimist"-like concert that totally change from what I usually see !

I also added 2 PVs that I really liked in 2015. This time, no Johnny's, even through I love their PVs as well. I choose Torisetsu from Nishino Kana and Never Stop from Nissy. I totally love Nissy's solo songs. My favorite are Gift and Doushouka but both are older than 2015. You can check the official YouTube playlist here !

In 2015, I started watching anime again. I have long since stop watching them regularly (beside my belove Meitantei Conan) and I'm happy I started again. In my favorite list from 2015 are two anime I already know from Dramas : Kindaichi Shounen no Jokenbo Returns Season 1&2 (more stories than the drama) and Subete ga F ni Naru (less stories than the drama). I loved the Drama and I love the Anime ;) Add the 2015 version of Lupin III and an 3min episode's anime that makes you visit Japan from your sofa ~ or revisit in my case because I went to these places in Summer 2014 ~ Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan. Let's finish with a light anime that looks a lot like another from the same season but which I found better : Gakusen Toshi Asterisk. I'll finish my list with an "old" anime I'm watching again and that I'm still loving SO much, it's of course... Katekyo Hitman Reborn !

I wanted to do a listing for Mangas as well, but I found out that I haven't bought new mangas :'(

That's all for this year list ! And you, what's your list ? ;)

And of course ...
Hi there~ I need your help !

Nowadays, it can be quite hard to follow which Japanese TV Show you watched and which you didn't (even more if you're not keeping them on your hard drive). What is getting released now ? Where can I find this TV Show? Who was the guest again? That moment happend, but which episode was it?

Myself, I like to keep track of the VS Arashi, Arashi ni Shiyagare and others. However, it's hard to find the right numbering, the old listings are not updated anymore and you need to look for all these informations everywhere.
I'm a developper student and I'm planning to program (as a project for School) a website that would be alike "MyDramaList" and "MyAnimeList" BUT only for TV Shows. My personnal motive would be to keep it for Japanese (or Asian) TV Show but during the developping days, it might be more "International" (because I'm making it with two guys and I don't see them much motivated if I tell them "I WANNA ADD ALL THE TV SHOW THAT ARASHI ARE HOSTING \O/" and such). Of course the main project is to allow people to add TV Show (and episodes) to their list (Currently Watching, On Hold, Plan to watch, ...)

I'm posting this message because I would like to know :
- If you would use such a service
- What you would be waiting from it
- If you would be willing to help to add data into it (because that's really a hard work and a necessity for it to be interesting).
- ... And lot of other things

I would be really happy if you could answer my form with all your sincerity.

Survey address : Click Here

You can also answer during the form if you're motivated (and have time - even a one hour would be perfect) to help in the future. Any help is welcomed, because I really want this project to become reality.

Thanks already to all of you for your time ! ~
Hey there~

Today, I'm sharing the rip of my Chumu Chumu copy I got today. It is the Limited Edition Type A.

Of course, some rules that all of you should already know :)
1. Do not share nor re-upload these songs/videos
2. Do not share the download links nor the keys outside this entry.
3. Do not visibly link back to this entry. You can however send the link by PM.
4. You can freely use it to sub. I would however be happy to know it beforehand :)
5. Comments are welcome !

I am NOT planning to keep it open to public until the end of time.
So you should download it as soon as you can.

Awe ♥ Massu ~ I'm totally in love with his smile~
Chumu Chumu ♥Collapse )

I was really surprised by the PV and I really like it. I love how they used the members' color and how each of them as equal screen time.
I also like the "dancing" solo part, for once it's not a simple lipsync ♥ Anyway! I liked it ! I'm growing fond of this song~

Enjoy ! And of course, comments are welcomed !
22nd-Jun-2015 04:30 pm - Tegomass no Seishun Blu-Ray
Hello ;)

I'm here today to share an awesome concert :) As I didn't found it uploaded mush on LJ, I choose to rip and upload my limited edition of the Blu-Ray :)

Of course, some rules that all of you should already know :)
1. Do not share nor re-upload these videos
2. Do not share the download links nor the keys outside this entry.
3. Do not visibly link back to this entry. You can however send the link by PM.
4. You can freely use it to sub. I would however be happy to know it beforehand :)
5. Comments are welcome !

I am NOT planning to keep it open to public
So you should download it as soon as you can.
I will, however, keep it open for at least one week.

Massu looked stunning!
Get more Tegomass Love here !Collapse )

Of course, I'll be happy to read and answer your comments ;) A small thanks or fangirling is always welcome !
Have a nice day, and for everybody who, like me, has their exam : GOOD LUCK !

13th-Apr-2015 10:57 pm - Nature
Hey ;) I'm here again *shy*

These two pics are from my trip to Hakone (near Tokyo) in Japan. They're from two different museum. The first one isn't interesting enough but I was able to take this picture that I particularly like. I had to rush my visit in the second, but the "recent glass art" section was really really beautiful. If someone wants me to, I can post pictures of the best glass arts from there ;)

Another news : I've changed the Layout this past weekend ^^ Tell me if you like it ! The city on the picture is Tokyo ;)

Nature is just so quiet and beautiful ♪
@Hakone - Museum of Art

@Hakone - Glass no Mori
10th-Apr-2015 11:57 am - Let's Fly to a new Journal

Hello ~

It's been a while that I've been thinking about that, and I think that now is a good day to start anew my journal !
I don't have as much time as I previously had, however I have the feeling that I definitly can't leave my LJ like that.

There is something that I loved, love and will still love. It's taking pictures.
Today, I bought a new hybrid camera (♥) and I can't wait to go out and try it everywhere.

From now on, I'll share my pictures on my LiveJournal.
Old, new, everything that I like and want to share will be there, followed by a small text about it or about my thoughts of the day.
It's just a hobby so please be indulgent with me !

The picture above is from my trip to Japan last summer :)
It was when I was SO EXCITED to go in Japan!

Please tell me your thoughts about my new journal / the picture or just give me some news about you :)


Hey ;) How are you all ?

As I'll visit Japan next summer (during all July and the beginning of August), I'm interested in ANY kind of tip regarding what to see, what to do, what to buy, what to eat, ...

I'm planning my trip and don't know yet when I'll do things and how. I'm thinking of going there 6 weeks, and staying around one week in Tokyo. The 5 others weeks will be moving around.

I want to visit every type of things and buy Johnny's related things. I love shopping, museums, nice scenery, well, a lot of things !

By the way, if any of you is living in Japan or will be there next summer, and is willing to meet and do things together, tell me :)

Thanks already for all you advice ;)

Best wishes

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