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The LJ of an Ohmiya Stalker
New start and Happy Birthday~  
15th-Sep-2013 10:03 pm
Hello everybody ! It's been a while isn't it ? I wish you're all fine ?

It's been almost one year since my last post. Lot of things happened and I take my keyboard today, during NEWS and Arashi's Anniversary, to tell you a bit more about me and what's happening in my life :3

I took a huge step in my life and I'm wishing I did the right one.

During one year and a half straight (and a total of 3 in the company), I worked as a manager of a ''huge'' website (60'000 members - a lot when you know that it's from Switzerland only). Mostly alone, and then with a co-worker under me, I did my best during all that time. However, as the perfectionist that I am, I gave myself too much in the project until I understood I went too far. Giving more than getting, discovering the human real nature (egoistical and thinking that everything on the internet is done easily when you in fact took a whole lot of your working and free time to do it), I lost all my motivation. I'm only 21 years old and people tend to forget about that - even my co-workers as I'm a full time worker since 2 years when at my work, there was an apprentice that was one year younger than me...

I choose to stop working there and start a new school in Development of Software (that will last 3 years). So I finished working at the end of August and I'm starting the school on Tuesday. From what I know, in my year (out of 4 class in Computer Science) there will be only 2 girls (for around 80 guys...). I fear it a bit because I've always been shy and without much friends.. I only get to open with people when I can talk about Japan...

During this year, I was still on the fandom but really well hided. I'm still an Arashi and NEWS fan (And I wish them both a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY), loving Massu way too much for my heart, enjoying and shipping Ohmiya, reading as much Fics as possible and using more money than I should on Johnny's CDs, DVDs, Magazines and Concert Goodies. New things are that it's been one year that I'm learning Japanese and that right now I'm in a DRAMA mode (watching as much dramas as possible O.o)

I apologize for my silence these past months, where I haven't post anything, didn't took care of the old old old request I got, not even talking on Skype anymore. I can take a lot of time to answer but I do answer to every LJ message I get so feel free to contact me on it ;) I'm connected everyday to read you! By the way, I'm only adding friends back when they send me a message / comment first.

As I don't know what I should do with this LJ now, I would like to know your opinion about it :) Right now I'm thinking about something along the line of a Blog Photo and keeping a frequent rhythm (like once a week or month). Would you read and/or comment on something like that?

I miss you all :) And comments are really welcome ! (and feel free to give me advice as to how get well accepted in a new school XD)
16th-Sep-2013 04:29 am (UTC)
Good luck with school! Being one of the only girls can really suck (I studied math in university so that happened to me in some classes) but it sounds like you have a lot of experience and stuff... so I'm sure you can do it!!

And even though we just met on a friending meme last year, I'm always happy to see my LJ friends posting more... so if you do I'll try to read and comment :D What dramas are you watching right now?
17th-Sep-2013 07:28 pm (UTC)
Oh thanks for coming by and commenting :D It makes me happy :D

Thank ! I'll do my best ~ Today was the first day and I was quite lost in all the new subjects where I don't know enough yet but I'm motivated :)

I wish we'll get to talk more then :) I'm sorry that I've been ghost this past year ^^'

Right now, I'm watching the dramas On Going like Summer Nude, Yamada-kun, Kamen Teacher, Hanzawa Naoki, Pin to Kona :) Beside that I'm catching up with lot of older dramas. I finished Soratobu Kouhoushitsu two days ago so I guess I'll start a new drama today ^^ Maybe Akumu-chan ? And you ? :D If you're watching the same as me, what are you thinking about them ?

See ya ♥
19th-Sep-2013 03:38 am (UTC)
Good luck!

Oh wow, so many dramas XD I'm just watching Kamen Teacher right now, but I love it! It's so good!! What do you think of it so far?
16th-Sep-2013 10:35 pm (UTC)
hurrah for your future career move. gambate and good luck with that!

as for what you want done in your lj, it is your lf. i would love to see photos weekly just to have an idea what it is like in your side of the world. or anything quirky.
17th-Sep-2013 07:29 pm (UTC)
Thanks dear :) Your wishes will help me go ;)

OK :) Thanks for your idea ;) I'll do my best to really update you from now on XD
18th-Sep-2013 10:47 am (UTC)
Taking that kind of step in school/work can be really daunting (as I've experienced myself), so I applaud you for doing it! Good luck with your new school.
19th-Sep-2013 09:42 am (UTC)
Sweety, I'm sorry that I didn't comment earlier here, as you may know my past few days were really really busy and I'm still recovering from my cold. I got myself a few days of sick leave and will return to work tomorrow so I take my time to answer here right now. I hope you are fine and that your start at school was good =3 Please tell me every now and then how it is and keep me updated!

I missed your journal entries and I'm happy to see that you want to post here again. No matter what you will be posting, I'll read it anyways and leave a comment for sure! ^^ I would be also happy if you would connect to skype again as well - I've got a skype accound recently as well so we should add, don't you think so too? =3

Which doramas are you watching right now? I can totally understand the drama mood XD I'm in it as well so much... it steals quite too much time from me which I should use for writing fanfictions or other creative stuff but well, I love it just too much ^^

Love ya honey <3 and miss ya
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